Face Lift

It is rightly said a person’s face is their fortune, and the face is the canvas that displays all emotions. As a person ages, the face loses its natural-toned appearance. The first visible signs of ageing appear on the face and the neck in the form of loose skin and tissues.


Facial ageing may involve a loss of skin elasticity, firmness, and volume and a change in the overall contour of the face. It may also include the development of creases, wrinkles, jowling in the lower face, and hanging skin on the neck (commonly referred to as “turkey neck”). A facelift procedure can help you feel younger and more refreshed if you’re bothered by the signs of ageing on your face and neck.

Depending on your needs and goals, a facelift procedure is customizable and can return the face to a more youthful position while maintaining your appearance. You’ll look like yourself, just more rested and rejuvenated. With most facelift procedures, an incision is made in the hairline at the temples, continues behind the ear, and ends in the lower scalp. Fat may be transferred, sculpted or redistributed in the face to recreate youthful facial contours. Jowls, neck and underlying tissues are repositioned, and deep facial layers and muscles are lifted. The skin is then redraped over the uplifted new contours of the face while excess skin is trimmed away. A second incision under the chin may be needed in most cases to address sagging neck skin (Neck lift). Thus Sagging skin, hollowed cheeks, and drooping eyelids. These signs of ageing can be minimized or eliminated through facelift surgery.

Dr. Krithika Jagadish

Dr. Krithika Jagadish

M.B.B.S., MS (General Surgery)

MCh Plastic, Reconstructive, and Burns Surgery

Krithika Jagadish, a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon

consultant is adept in body contouring procedures and adopts the latest techniques to tailor the procedure to individual patient preferences. She has a keen interest in her restoration procedures and has been trained by doyens.

Now, you can reverse the signs of ageing with the best facelift surgery with the best by the specialist plastic surgeon in Bangalore, Dr Krithika Jagadish.

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