Are u worried about skin around your eyes getting saggy, baggy & wrinkled? If so, you may have already done research showing that an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty can quickly fix these problems.


Your eyes are your gateway to your mood. Surprise, sadness, skepticism, intrigue, and euphoria are each communicated through the eyes. As the eyelids age, they cause the eyes to become expressionless. They only communicate that one is tired or worn, whether this is the case.

A blepharoplasty, or eyelid rejuvenation, is a procedure in which excess skin and fat from around the eye give the contours of the eyelids a more youthful appearance. The incisions are typically hidden within the upper eyelid crease and the lower eyelashes. In some instances, when only the removal of fat is necessary for the lower lid area due to “bags under the eyes”, the incision can be made within the eyelid in what is called transconjunctival or scarless.

In the interest of regaining youth, an eyelid lift is not just a cosmetic procedure—it reflects how you feel.

Dr Krithika Jagadish specialises in Transconjunctival blepharoplasty ( SCARLESS) and has a cliental of highly satisfied patient . You with be left with rejuvenated, youthful eyes!! Dr. Krithika Jagadish is unquestionably the best Blepharoplasty Surgeon in Bangalore.

Dr. Krithika Jagadish

Dr. Krithika Jagadish

M.B.B.S., MS (General Surgery)

MCh Plastic, Reconstructive, and Burns Surgery

Krithika Jagadish, a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon consultant is adept in body contouring procedures and adopts the latest techniques to tailor the procedure to individual patient preferences. She has a keen interest in her restoration procedures and has been trained by doyens.

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