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Thousands of patients want breast augmentation, so they book an appointment and feel nervous about what happens next to plastic surgery. After patients find the right plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation, they're often unsure of what to expect.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most in-demand plastic surgeries worldwide. This surgery can be highly transformative for patients and has a high satisfaction rate as it offers many benefits, such as boosting confidence, helping clothes to fit in a more flattering way, adding volume to the breasts to increase their size, and making overall body proportions look more balanced.

Consultation with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon is vital before any plastic surgery, and breast augmentation is no exception. As part of your consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your health – including any pre-existing medical conditions and risk factors – examine and take detailed measurements and photos of your breasts, discuss your options, and tell you about the likely outcomes.

Remember, it's normal to be anxious about having the procedure, with patients varying in their feelings from being excited to see results to experiencing preoperative stress.

If you're talking to a professional soon about breast augmentation, here's what you and your surgeon should discuss to get the most out of your consultation.

Be prepared to discuss several significant factors

During your consultation, you're going to talk about the following:

  • Why you want a breast augmentation
  • Your expectations and desired outcome
  • Medical conditions and drug allergies
  • Previous medical treatments
  • Current medications
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Your family history of breast cancer and results of any mammograms or previous biopsies

Also, tell Dr. Krithika Jagadish, the best Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon in Bangalore, about any fears or anxieties about the procedure.

Prepare Your Best

Do as much research as possible when selecting a plastic surgeon because your body and health depend on finding the best provider potential. Take as many hours as you need to research the procedure and consider the concerns or questions about breast augmentation. Choose a surgeon who is board-certified, reliable, and has a good reputation in the industry.

Have Clarity

Patients often know they want to look different but are still determining what they want to change. The mirror test can help you understand what you wish to improve on your appearance. This involves standing in front of a mirror for 10 to 15 minutes and closely examining yourself.

Ask yourself what you like, what you dislike, and what you wish to change about what you see. You can jot down notes and take them to your initial consultation. The surgeon can provide feedback and answers right away.

Search the internet for photos of what you consider the perfect look and take them with you to show the surgeon during your consultation.

Your consultation presents the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have for the surgeon. You can put together a checklist of specific questions to ask during your visit to make things easier. Having a list of questions will help you to get all the information you need to feel comfortable with the next step.

Also, taking notes can help make you feel less stressed, and you'll have them available to look at later for reference in case you need to remember any details. Some of the most critical questions patients can ask include the following:

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What will be expected of me to get the best results?
  • Where and how will you perform the function?

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Dr. Krithika Jagadish

Dr. Krithika Jagadish

M.B.B.S., MS (General Surgery)

MCh Plastic, Reconstructive, and Burns Surgery

Krithika Jagadish, a Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon consultant is adept in body contouring procedures and adopts the latest techniques to tailor the procedure to individual patient preferences. She has a keen interest in her restoration procedures and has been trained by doyens.

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